About this site

19442_251785716161_5646876_nAfter my mother, Bernell Carlton, passed away in 1991, I inherited most of her cookbooks as well as two recipe boxes. There I discovered her many recipes she’d collected over the years. Some were hand-written or hand-typed, some clipped from various newspapers and magazines and the rest as pre-printed cards. Her best known recipes, she made sure we had already, but some of her occasional meals and desserts I remembered fondly, I found in the boxes. I’ve sorted them based on how frequently she fixed a specific recipe and how much attention she’d paid in storing the recipe. Hand-written and hand-typed recipes were obviously of special interest, those received top priority. Clipped recipes took extra time, so those received second priority. Recipe cards were very common back in the 60s and 70s, and took little effort to keep, so those received the lowest priority, unless it was something I remember her cooking, or was something of special interest.

I’ll be posting one recipe a day, five days a week. She has tons of recipes, so there’ll be plenty for quite a while.

—Danny Carlton